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DFW Business Culture

Apr 23, 2018

The DFW Business Synopsis is about growing your business, primarily in DFW. It seems lately that Texas is prime real estate for big business to move to. With Toyota moving to DFW, Amazon looking at several locations in Texas, and all the business to follow, even Austin has become the new silicon valley. Our businesses should be growing and our way of doing business is changing. This podcast is here to collect new ideas from CEOs, Presidents, and Entrepreneurs who are finding ways to capitalize on its growth. Tom Niesen, Owner & CEO of Acuity Systems, will be talking to those that have found new niches to sell to and ways to get their product to market faster and at a higher price. He will also talk to those that have tried but failed in order to discover how we can learn from past mistakes to better grow our business in DFW.



Connect with Tom Niesen Owner & CEO, Acuity Systems, Inc:


Phone: 972-860-8695 x223




Show Notes by Show Producer: Danielle Taylor


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