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DFW Business Culture

Apr 25, 2018

Talent Wants to Work With Talent


In this episode, Tom and Keith Walters discuss:

  • There are a lot of opportunities in the Dallas area.
  • There is a great talent base in Dallas.
  • How to create culture.
  • How do you build a line of people out the door wanting to get in?



Key Takeaways:

  • You might get to the finish line faster with face to face meetings, but you can't have as many meetings as you can have phone calls.
  • Leverage Technology.
  • Almost every family has some level of dysfunction. You do not want your buisness to be dysfunctional. Be cautious of family owned businesses.
  • Keep to the basics.




"The organizational culture has an impact on the product and delivery." - Keith Walters



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Show Notes by Show Producer: Danielle Taylor


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