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DFW Business Culture

Jun 13, 2018

Analyzing the Market


In this episode, Tom and Rom Krupp discuss:

  • What does the future of the restaurant industry look like?
  • Do food delivery companies affect restaurants?
  • Is employee turnover a problem in the food industry?
  • What advice does Rom have for entrepreneurs?


Key Takeaways:

  • When Marketing Vitals works with restaurant owners, franchises, and consultants, they want to do more than just speak your language. It's more than just talking points; it's an approach that treats every client like the individual they are.
  • A key factor in the high success rate of their approach is their restaurant expertise. They have taken the time to create a consultation team with extensive restaurant industry experience.
  • The winds of change can blow through quickly, and sometimes trends will catch fire or peter out without much warning. 




"If you believe in the path you are going, you have a clear vision of it, and you have funded it well enough… there is amazing success to be made." - Rom Krupp



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