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DFW Business Culture

Jul 18, 2018

Retaining and Leading a Great Business 


In this episode, Tom and Melanie Shaffer discuss: 

  • What Talent Suit is and what they do as a company. 
  •  Having and talking about retention with clients. 
  • Having a coach and who your coach should be. 
  • Looking at your business from an outside perspective to see if it's good...

Jul 11, 2018

Building a Successful Company


In this episode, Tom and Mark Borge discuss:

  • How Mark started his company and the evolution of it.
  • The pros and cons of major companies existing.
  • Which companies rise up, and why.
  • How to make your employees feel a part of the success and leadership.
  • Book:




Jul 4, 2018

Creating Solutions for Salespeople


In this episode, Tom and Steve Benson discuss:

  • How to be a more efficient sales person
  • Sales people spend too much time doing busy work instead of actually selling
  • How the world of sales is going to change in the next few years
  • Disruptions in a business, and how to deal with...